Chairman’s Message

CSC Capital has a vision of where the firm wants to be in the next twenty years. And just like the last twenty years, the key into turning this vision into realty is you – the new CSC Capital professional. You have the talent, qualifications, experience, skills, commitment and energy to ensure our continued success. Achieving this vision, however, is not without challenges. Intellectual capital is more critical today in providing innovative solutions and ultimately having a positive economic impact than when I first founded the firm in 1992. Technology has made more vast and sweeping improvements on a global scale in the past twenty years than ever before. Computers are no more just an office tool, they are interconnected with our daily lives in ways unimaginable a generation ago. The internet and mobile technology has changed the way businesses communicate, the way we conduct meetings and seminars, and the way financial advisory firms operate and provide services.

People are undoubtedly the most important asset of any company, but for the professional services industry more so. This has always been the case. Therefore, attracting, retaining, and promoting the highest quality people, is the highest priority of any firm that provides high-level organizational and financial advice. CSC Capital provides its people with enormous professional growth opportunities. This is through the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit which guides our selection and promotion process. We only hire talented and experienced professionals, not recent college graduates or newly-minted MBAs with little experience – because our clients want and demand expert and seasoned excellence.

The full force of CSC Capital’s professional expertise is dedicated to achieving measurable and sustainable results for our clients. In order to provide these results, the firm also demands that our professionals function well in constantly changing business environments, and that they have the technological savvy for today’s work-place, and be adaptable and creative, seeing both the macro and micro aspects of client organizations, their needs and their wants. To succeed, tenacity and curiosity, a results-oriented personality, with leadership capabilities pay big dividends; thus we do not play the “yes man” or the “silent advisor” roles. Above all, the firm desires professionals with integrity and objectivity – the key values that ensure client success.

Professionals will find a fast-paced and rewarding career at CSC Capital, and will advance based upon their individual client achievements, professional and technical skills and loyalty to the firm. All promotions are based solely on these factors. Seniority is never a factor in advancements. We offer each person in the firm the same opportunities to advance – and it is up to each person to make the most of these opportunities.

C.S. Colvin
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


CSC Capital is always on the lookout for motivated, creative and talented professionals from a variety of business and advisory backgrounds. Therefore, professional opportunities to join the firm are on-going all of the time. Professionals begin their service for CSC Capital in either the Client Advisory Division made up of the firm’s five business advisory groups, or the Industry Practices Division comprised of thirteen global practices. Support staff personnel are assigned to the Administration Division. Since 2012 our “local presence global reach” initiative began establishing five global regions that work in unison with the firm’s three divisions. We are also activity pursuing qualified professionals to assist us in establishing our global objectives.

There are three levels of professional hierarchy within CSC Capital: 1) Officers, including the leadership of the firm, 2) Managing Directors, and 3) Principals. Professional candidates begin their service with the firm as either a Managing Director or Principal depending upon experience. Typically at least ten years of practical business or advisory experience is required for the position of Principal, and for Managing Director in addition to ten years experience, previous experience as the head of a business or advisory group is needed. A four year degree is required, though most of the firm’s professionals have held advanced business degrees. Support staff entry level personnel within the Administration Division begin their service as Specialists, and are expected to have sufficient experience and education in their field. Select Officers and Managing Directors have fulfilled certain positions within the Administration Division, with their experience and education commiserate with their corporate responsibilities.

Applicants are encouraged to apply at any time for any of the above professional and support staff positions. For a detailed description of available positions please see the Job Bank section for current openings. However, if there are no available positions feel free to submit an application and resume, as the firm’s personnel requirements may change suddenly.

Many organizational structures are designed so that the company can prosper though the people could be left behind in the process. We have all heard the hype about the employee-centered firm and so on, especially from the advisory giants who function under a global brand name. But in reality all personnel are replaceable; nobody is indispensible. And this is particular true for those global advisory firms whose true employee policy is “up-or-out.” However, the opposite is true with CSC Capital. Our organizational structure establishes interdependency between critical functions. This interdependency promotes a culture of teamwork between the three divisions of the firm. Think of us like a professional sports team. In order to win the game one player cannot be successful without the assistance of another player, and one is not above the other. The Super Bowl and the World Series is won by the performance of a great team. Stated differently, all Managing Directors and Principals in the firm are respectfully equal to each other – they need each other to prosper, though some will out produce others. That is natural! A merit based organization like CSC Capital demands that all professionals carry their own weight and are productive. In this way interdependency produces operational results. And results oriented people thrive in such an environment.


Working for CSC Capital can be personally and financially very rewarding even during these difficult business times. Personally you will find that it draws upon a synthesizes of every business experience you have ever had. You will be challenged to find creative solutions within the firm’s services for all types of clients. One personal reward is simply working for a top tier middle-market advisory firm that has successfully served clients for over twenty years, and another is engaging daily in highly sophisticated and important fields of business specialization, which is typically the environment of a very elite professional corps.

Though our line of work is not for the timid and shy nor for the average nine to five business person, it does give professionals in the Client Advisory and Industry Practices divisions an opportunity to earn a highly competitive compensation based upon collectable engagement and/or transaction fees and expenses. CSC Capital’s compensation rewards are performance based and are considered some of the most lucrative in our industry, earning successful professionals some of the highest percentage ratios within the middle-market financial advisory industry. Both Managing Directors and Principals are paid strictly by a percentage of the fees and expenses collected when directly working on a client engagement, or upon a percentage of the firm’s transaction success fee when directly supplying client services, or if the professional was instrumental in successfully conducting business development activities.

Managing Directors have the opportunity for an additional percentage reward based upon the management and supervision of an engagement or transaction. Officers are further given the opportunity to become equity partners of the firm, and are compensated in a tiered fashion inclusive of percentage rewards, and corporate year-end bonuses. Administration Division support staff personnel receive an industry competitive hourly wage with corporate-wide calculated incentive packages. Detailed information of all compensation percentages as well as other materials about the firm are provided applicants in a personal and confidential Introductory Letter from the firm’s Chairman & CEO. This lengthy letter is part “business and operations plan, ” part “compensation and incentive explanations,” part “welcome aboard packet,” part “company handbook,” and part “corporate manifesto.” The information provided in the Introductory Letter should answer most of your questions about CSC Capital.

Recruitment Process

CSC Capital’s philosophy regarding its people is straight forward: Recruit the very best, train them well, provide opportunities for on-going professional growth, and allow them to use their skills and innovations to help clients succeed. Our Recruitment process is also straight forward and relatively simple. The process to become one of the firm’s professionals begins with the applicant providing the firm with a detailed resume of his/her experiences and education and a completed Application Form located at the end of Careers. After review of the materials we will follow up with all acceptable candidates with an email requesting a phone interview. After the phone interview if an understanding between the applicant and the firm shows that a mutual interest exist, we will email our Introductory Letter for review by the applicant. During this time we will conduct additional follow-up with supplied client and employer references and check appropriate sources regarding the background of the applicant.

If the Introductory Letter is deemed satisfactory by the applicant and our due diligence is successful, a personal or webinar interview is scheduled. However, prior to the interview the firm will forward several documents to the applicant that would need to be reviewed and eventually agreed. These documents include the firm’s Non-Compete and Not-to-Solicit Agreement, and the firm’s Non-Disclosure and Proprietary Information Agreement. It is required that all applicants agree to these terms before accepting a professional relationship with CSC Capital. A Compensation and Commission Agreement, a formal Job Description and a List of Titles and Positions, are also supplied to the applicant for further understanding and agreement between the parties. Finally, each applicant completes a Learning Assessment Profile. After all introductory and administrative matters are settled, we will forward the firm’s official Letter of Acceptance confirming your status as a professional with CSC Capital, either as a Managing Director or Principal.


CSC Capital has two assets to manage – our people and our clients. We take our commitment to both very seriously. Thus after confirmation of becoming a new professional with the firm, a formal indoctrination into CSC Capital’s methods and procedures is provided. Quality training enables new professionals to become familiar with the firm’s highly unique client services and business development activities and materials. This training is conducted on-line, through self-study or through webinars, in person and on-the-job. Clearly, Shakespeare’s dictum, “good counselors lack no clients,” has been fashionable in times of economic growth as well as economic recession. Though the firm’s on-going professional education CSC Capital intends to provide our clients with “good counselors.”

Nonetheless, few professional individuals have consciously worked for years gaining the experience to restructure organizations from top to bottom – indeed there are few formal classes or programs. Even Harvard Business School’s Corporate Restructuring and Mergers and Acquisitions Executive Program is weak in this holistic area (we have first-hand knowledge). As a consequence, corporate restructuring may look as an instinctive art and science or a specialization dominated by so-called “naturals.” After twenty years of training professionals on this subject, we can say “not true.” The firm’s restructuring program can and has been taught to experienced and open-minded individuals who can grasp a corporation holistically.

CSC Capital is very concerned with training our new professionals from the beginning no matter how many years of business or advisory experience a individual may have. Experienced professionals are recruited into the firm knowing that they must understand and correctly apply CSC Capital’s program, philosophy and values into each client engagement, transaction or business development opportunity. There are no exceptions even for the most talented and experienced of our new professionals. Our position on this is resolute!

As a continuing education format, CSC Capital also holds an Annual Conference to review the firm’s performance from the prior year as well as honor select personnel for outstanding accomplishments. Importantly, this two-day conference is more about training, providing all attendees the opportunity to learn more about the firm’s specializations and services from the professionals who make it happen “on the ground” through roundtable discussions. We also review CSC Capital’s credo and select Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These SOPs are the ground rules for how professionals interact with each other and with our clients. They provide standard guidelines regarding “how and why” we do things the way we do. Through the interaction of the attendees, the conference often provides new concepts, ideas and solutions that become formalized into new SOPs. It is this opportunity to share experiences that provides a context so that the firm’s professionals can be more successful and productive the following year.

Job Bank

Current Openings:

Managing Director/Industry Practice Global leader

CSC Capital, a nationally recognized financial advisory firm operating since 1992 is currently seeking seasoned business development professionals with extensive experience in one or more of the following industries:

  1. Retail and Consumer
  2. Industrial Goods
  3. Transport and Logistics
  4. Building Projects
  5. Health and Medical
  6. High Technology
  7. Financial Services
  8. Media and Telecom
  9. Travel and Hospitality
  10. Energy, Power and Metals
  11. Public Sector and Non-Profit
  12. Forest Products
  13. Real Estate

The firm would like to talk to qualified self-starting professionals who can independently originate, develop, and secure business in the firm’s five business advisory groups:

  1. Corporate Restructuring
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions
  3. Debt and Equity Financing
  4. Management Consulting
  5. Business Investigations

Successful candidates acting as one of the firm’s Industry Global Leaders at the Managing Director level should have:

  1. 10+ years selling and developing business in one or more of the above industry practices
  2. Established network and relationships within your industry in order to fast track sales success
  3. Ability to develop and build relationships with new prospect clients on a global marketplace
  4. Demonstrated awareness of current market competition, trends and potential lead sources
  5. Ability to research industry topics providing prospect clients and clients with up-to-date information
  6. In-depth knowledge on how to interpret financial data in order to understand client prospects strengths and weaknesses
  7. A successful career of selling professional services and/or products to middle-market clients at the Board or CEO level. Global experience is not necessary but preferred
  8. Strong communications skills for direct marketing using power point and other media communications technology
  9. The personal self-confidence and business professionalism to entertain prospect clients when necessary

Successful candidates will have at least a Bachelor Degree from a top tier university, and candidates with post-graduate business or related degrees are especially welcomed to apply. Compensation is 1099 based, and is rewarded upon successfully generating and closing business. Commission is generously set at 15% of gross fees of client deals, engagements, transactions and services. Successful candidates should expect annual pay to be in excess of 100K. Travel may be required when necessary.

Interested parties are invited to submit a complete resume and application with relevant career experience to

There are no other current openings.