CSC Capital Corporate Restructuring Power Point Presentation entitled “Corporate Revitalization: Tools for a Competitive Advantage”

This power point presentation has been used numerous times for seminars of the same name for several industries. The following write-up gives attendees an introduction to the seminar. This power point presentation was most recently given on March 25, 2013 for the Health and Medical Industry.

“Increased trade and commerce in business as well as a troubled economy has threatened many enterprises. While these times have created opportunities for some organizations, for many it has caused severe financial difficulties not seen in decades. There is an urgent need for businesses to use innovative revitalization strategies that will allow them to become more efficient, both organizationally and financially.”

“This seminar provides a practical ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to improving the financial condition of a distressed or troubled company, or a business wanting to increase its sales and margins above their current levels. CSC Capital’s Corporate Revitalization: Tools for a Competitive Advantage is designed to help owners and CEO’s maximize the performance of their organizations through an integrated and holistic model of organizational change. Participants will learn the skills and tools needed to strategically restructure an enterprise’s organizational and financial position, analyze and value its human assets, development a compensation program to fit both its internal financial structure as well as industry dynamics, and alter its costing and pricing schedules in order to effectively compete.”

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