Traditional management consultants interview both executives and workers, analyze operations, processes and financial data, provide a mountain of reports and paperwork; producing cost savings, personnel and process recommendations – then leave. Or they determine that another area in the company deserves the same treatment, and attempt to try to extend the consulting assignment. The result: It costs a lot of money and it is often seen as less than satisfactory. In the process, clients and their employees have been put through enormous occupational agony for little or no long-term gain. Clients swear never to go through such undertaking again.

Compass Park’s approach is hands-on and implementation oriented. Since our roots are in corporate restructuring we know that merely analyzing financial statements does not expose the root problems. Decreasing revenues, margins or profits, or increasing revenues without corresponding profit increases are only financial symptoms. And likewise increasing debt, reduced cash, an increase in account receivables aging, and a decrease in inventory turns are only asset management symptoms. We solve the organizational, operational, and procedural or personnel problems that are creating the financial, cash flow, as well as other operational symptoms.

Compass Park provides a range of specialist services which are defined in six interrelated management consulting practices. We may be engaged in one or more of the practices depending upon the specific corporate needs and wants of the client. The seven practices are:

Corporate Strategy, Organization and Management Control Practice

Compass Park believes that the management of a corporate strategy is as important as the plan itself. To this end, this Practice coordinates a well designed strategic plan with its execution using various organizational, management and personnel controls designed to ensure that the integrity of the strategy is maintained. Organizational chart development and position descriptions must embrace the strategy and controls. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Economic, industry and competition analysis
  2. Organizational audit of existing structure
  3. Management and worker productivity assessment
  4. Analysis of material management and development of purchasing as a cost center
  5. Labor market analysis
  6. Risk management and feasibility studies
  7. Evaluation of current position functions
  8. Development of strategic plan
  9. Setting performance standards
  10. Designing and implementation of an organizational structure by profit and cost centers
  11. Designing and implementation of functional position guides
  12. Establishing objective standards of performance
  13. Top management training and assistance
  14. Designing and implementing company-wide purchasing procedures
  15. Analysis of production and operations
  16. Intervention management and execution

Financial Strategy, Management Accounting and Budget Practice

Compass Park undertakes high level analysis and evaluation of all financial statements and supporting computer generated accounting and sales and margin data before reformatting profit and loss statements by responsibility centers. A series of workable budgets and asset management tools are then provided to ensure that the financial strategy is met with sound management accounting controls. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Income statement and balance sheet analysis
  2. Evaluation of the chart of accounts, trial balance and accounting system
  3. Evaluation of all financial analyses by profit and cost centers
  4. Reformation of profit and loss statements by profit centers
  5. Financial projection of sales and gross margins by product lines
  6. Fiscal, flexible, profit and cost center budgets
  7. Assessment of financial and operating parameters
  8. Management training and assistance
  9. Breakeven costing and pricing analysis
  10. Cash management and forecasting analysis and system
  11. Bottom-line assessments company-wide and by profit center
  12. Strategy and financial assessment of organizational coordination
  13. Allocation of cost center(s) and overhead expenses
  14. Asset and liability assessment
  15. Inventory cost assessment
  16. Intervention management and execution

Human Resource Management Strategy and Compensation Practice

Compass Park views human capital as the most important corporate asset and resource. Specifically we focus much of our attention on top and middle management personnel, though all employees are provided compensation reward and incentive packages. This Practice is designed to increase organizational effectiveness through the application of proper selection, training, performance standards and rewards. Our services include but are limited to the following:

  1. Advice on and assistance with employee training
  2. Advice on and assistance with determining labor burden topics
  3. Advice on and development in procedures in minimizing termination liability and risk
  4. Development of organizational policies and company handbook
  5. Management training and development
  6. Management and employee assessment and evaluation policies and procedures
  7. Implementing communication and feedback channels
  8. Competition and industry compensation research and analysis
  9. Labor market analysis and forecasting
  10. Employee wage and salary analysis and implementation
  11. Designing and implementing employee incentive and pay-for performance programs
  12. Management salary analysis and implementation
  13. Designing and implementing management incentive and pay-for performance programs
  14. Development and implementation of the Board of Directors role and compensation
  15. Analysis and development of a company-wide benefits and insurance programs
  16. Intervention management and execution

Sales and Marketing Management and Strategy Practice

Compass Park provides comprehensive analysis and development of sales and marketing strategies for increasing market share while increasing profitability. Our major concern focuses on the idea that a sales and marketing strategy is merely an “empty shell” without management control of sales forecasting, margin management, pricing, compensation and overall personnel management including the establishment of sales and margin objectives and detailed activity reports. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Competitive strategy and market niche analysis
  2. Demographic and geographic sales market analysis
  3. Product line analysis by sales and costs by profit center
  4. Product line sales and costs analysis by vendor
  5. Sales performance analysis of each salesperson by territory or customer base
  6. Analysis of current sales forecasting tools by management
  7. Development and implementation of management sales forecasting sales
  8. Manufacturing representative and distribution analysis and advice
  9. Sales management training and assistance in management by objectives
  10. Sales targeting and reporting development
  11. Sales personnel commission development and implementation
  12. Sales management commission development and implementation
  13. Breakeven analysis by product line and unit by profit center
  14. Analysis of bid pricing and development of estimation packages
  15. Analysis of marketing and advertising programs and vendor selection advice
  16. Global strategy analysis and development
  17. Intervention management and execution

Operations Strategy, and Management Productivity Practice

Compass Park’s approach to operations strategy produces bottom line impact on manufacturing facilities, supply chains, purchasing management and capital productivity. Our focus is on economies in production including the standardization of warehousing, labor, the procurement and delivery of materials, plant and equipment and product research activities.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Analysis of materials required, carrying costs, and inventory control procedures
  2. Analysis of fuel and power usages for facilities and equipment
  3. Development of “just in time” purchasing time-tables and obsolete inventory standards
  4. Analysis of operations labor by processes and department
  5. Development and implementation of efficient labor utilization requirements
  6. Analysis of capital productivity and implementation of efficient options
  7. The development of efficient dispatch and traffic policies and procedures
  8. Analysis of product research activities focusing on less cost per unit of output
  9. Analysis of the supply-chain management and development of more efficient logistics
  10. Development of manufacturing and plant efficiency techniques
  11. Analysis and development of effective business support and customer care functions
  12. Development of global manufacturing and distribution systems
  13. Advice in capital project investments, and contractor efficiency and effectiveness
  14. Assist in developing operations strategies that compliment corporate and sales strategies
  15. Assessment and re-design of plants, warehouses, factories and office work-spaces
  16. Intervention management and execution

Information Technology and Strategy Practice

Compass Park provides specialist information services as well as the analysis of human-machine interaction upon human productivity. The dawn of the information age, the paper-less office, telecommuting, robotics, the internet and mobile technology has and will continue to challenge organizational effectiveness vis-à-vis the human worker. Today managers see this is three areas: First, it has generated excessive amounts computer data while at the same time has starved decision makers of usable information. Second, it has created the need to re-think the nature of work, the work-place, and the techniques of worker motivation. Third, it has fostered a massive shift to the quality and efficiency of internet and mobile technology. Our services include but not limited to the following:

  1. The reformatting and dissemination of critical information for use by decision-makers
  2. Overseeing the redesign and/or upgrade of installed software to meet specific needs
  3. Developing networks of information and communications between select decision-makers
  4. Assisting IT departments in the development of information campaigns from usable data
  5. Analysis of cost-effective paper flows and paper-less office audits
  6. Assist in the selection of software vendors and applications
  7. Evaluation of task design and ergonomics
  8. Assessment and redesign of the work-place
  9. Develop and implement work redesign and telecommuting wage and incentive packages
  10. Development and implementation of semi-autonomous work-groups
  11. Assessments of work-from-office vs. work-from-home strategies based upon productivity
  12. Cost benefit and quality analysis of robotic vs. human productivity
  13. Cost benefit and quality analysis of internet technology in the work-place
  14. Design and development of internet policies for effective and efficient employee use
  15. Analysis and cost benefits of mobile technology including social media
  16. Intervention management and execution

Executive Resourcing and Selection Strategy Practice

Compass Park provides expert services in targeted executive resourcing. Our experience has shown that generally search and selection firms do not precisely understand their client’s executive needs and wage and compensation requirements. Instead, they rely on internally re-generated candidates, one-page resumes, superficial interviews, and unnecessary or strange psychological assessments that generally weed out the best applicants. After selection is made, compensation is normally higher than what necessary to retain the executive. We view the search and selection process form the client’s point of view and from the requirements of the position. From hiring CEO’s, CFO’s, and COO’s to department heads and supervisors, the selection is also a strategic decision as well. Our search process involves but is not limited to the following for a top executive position:

  1. Start to finish advice and assistance with executive search and selection
  2. Global executive sourcing using all available methods, both traditional and on-line
  3. Review and search of all written and internet information of all select candidates
  4. Conduct biographical data inquiry and analysis of qualified candidates
  5. Conduct phone interviews with several professional references of qualified candidates
  6. Diagnostic interview of qualified candidates using a webinar or teleconferencing format
  7. Narrow selection of qualified candidates through a situational decision-making assessment
  8. Conduct second global sourcing, if necessary
  9. Conduct functional assessment of remaining candidates using developed job description
  10. Conduct learning style assessment of remaining candidates
  11. Conduct personal profile and behavioral pattern analysis of remaining candidates
  12. Evaluate candidates with reference to client’s corporate culture
  13. Personal interview with top three candidates discussing job expectations, duties and responsibilities, and the compensation and incentive package based upon performance
  14. Have client interview top three candidates either in person or over-the-phone
  15. Conduct before and after performance evaluations of candidates with client
  16. Have final two candidates meet management team in formal and informal setting
  17. Receive management team feedback, confer with client, and make final decision