CSC Capital has been the premier source of practical seminars within our targeted areas since 1996. With the full force of the firm’s Business Advisory Groups, our experienced faculty of instructors is unmatched in years of “hands-on” client services and expertise in their specialized fields. Our mission is targeted to providing participants practical and usable skills through a learning environment that is both engaging and enjoyable. Since our course content follows in lock-step the actual client services provided by the firm, participants are guaranteed that all seminar information and documents as well as the training philosophy is matter-of-fact business solution oriented. Participants are armed with knowledge that can be taken straight from the classroom to the boardroom for design and implementation.

Most of our seminars are designed for attendees to have no prior knowledge of the subject matter. And for all seminars there are no prerequisites or advanced training necessary or required. Therefore, despite the nature of the subject, all seminars are presented in a general to specific manner allowing the participants to absorb and thus learn the materials in a methodical and orderly framework. While seminars are not among the core client service businesses of the firm, training since CSC Capital was founded in 1992 has been. In fact, the enormous success stories from the firm’s corporate restructuring and management consulting engagements can be directly sourced to our in-house client training activities.

This is why seminars evolved so naturally into CSC Capital’s overall approach to promoting the awareness of our core services as well as providing time-tested client solutions. Even course content is the same that the firm uses in actual client engagements. From our budget planning and accountability process to our innovative breakeven costing and pricing methods, seminar participants learn exactly the same techniques and tactics that CSC Capital’s professionals use in the field. And when solutions are updated in the field they are correspondingly updated in the firm’s related seminars allowing participants to achieve maximum professional learning results. Thus seminar participants can be assured that the presentations and the information provided is the most complete and up-to-date in the industry.

The firm currently provides seminar participants twenty topics in which to choose and we utilize three “group live” formats depending upon the topic; Two or Three Day Events, One Day Programs, and one and half to four hour Sessions. Beginning in 2013 we have offered webinars for select audiences and topics. In one of our One Day Programs, on the topic “Business Improvement – Restructuring and Turnaround” CSC Capital has partnered with Corporate Compliance Seminars, a nationally recognized risk compliance and internal controls seminar firm, providing participants up to eight hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit hours. Upon request we can also customize a seminar tailored to the specific needs of the participant(s), as long as such requests are within the firm’s fields of expertise.

CSC Capital takes the production of our seminars very seriously, and has put in thousands of man hours over the years preparing for and providing first-class educational opportunities for participants. We elicit participant evaluations and feed-back and when appropriate have adapted requested changes into our seminar formats, such as an extended question and answer period. The firm’s seminars were all created by experts within the firm over the years that enjoy providing classroom training, workshops and business solutions to audiences large and small.


Sometimes the best firm at giving seminars is not really a seminar company. From 1996 to 2003, CSC Capital was more or less in the seminar business, though by invitation only at select industry association conventions and events. In the spring of 2004, the firm announced its first three day program of workshops “The Art of Corporate Restructuring,” held at Las Vegas, and in the same year CSC Capital started hosting quarterly round-table forums for pro-active owners and CEO’s at various locations on corporate revitalization, mergers and acquisitions, and debt and equity financing. In the fall of 2009, the firm was asked to provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) approved seminars on the topic of “Business Improvement – Restructure and Turnaround,” for a nation-wide seminar company specializing in corporate compliance. And in March of 2013, CSC Capital hosted its first webinar from the firm’s headquarters in Bend, Oregon to participants located in Texas and Arizona. Even though the evolution of CSC Capital’s seminar business “just happened” more than it was planned our events have always been extremely successful. The Chief Operating Officer of five hospitals located in the southwest overseeing over 3000 employees just recently commented on the firm’s first webinar.

“I wanted to thank you for the webinar. It was a very through and interesting seminar that completely caught my interest. Sometimes a webinar can be a little disengaging but not this time. The seasoned instructor brought a completely unique perspective of organization and finance that fit precisely into our current challenges. It was a day of practical insight that was completely worth my time and money. Also because I’m a licensed CPA the continuing professional education credits earned was an added benefit.”

From events held in Baltimore, MD and Media, PA, and Charleston, SC down to Orlando and Lake Buena Vista, FL, all the way across the country to Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ and then up to Seattle, WA, among other cities, CSC Capital has crisscrossed the nation always finding time to either host, present or moderate a seminar, workshop or roundtable. Actually to the firm’s professionals who conduct individual seminar sessions, it has always been more fun than work. Indeed, for any firm that does the “heavy lifting” of client services in the field, “talking the talk” should be a “walk in the park.”

Importantly, a CSC Capital seminar from the beginning was more than a typical power point presentation of canned materials and prepared speeches, but a practical education of business solutions directed specifically for the participants. Participants walked out with the knowledge to design and implement change or conduct critical analysis and due diligence, on a variety of critically important topics. Participants also gained the knowledge of corporate “insider secrets,” enabling them to quickly assess business problems, both internally or externally, and to apply the same corrective measures that CSC Capital has used for years. Therefore, rarely known cost savings and cash and revenue enhancement techniques just to name a few could be actually applied in real-life with immediate and/or short term results.

As such the firm’s seminars became an enormously large return on investment for participants that could implement the techniques. But implementation is easier said than done, especially when the factors of analysis and change would impact upon the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of both managers and employees. In this way seminars quickly evolved from a purely education oriented profit center of the firm to an education and business origination vehicle. For example, after the firm’s second seminar in 1997 CSC Capital seminars were already beginning to originate some of firm’s most celebrated client success stories.

Yet despite the positive business development activities of seminars over the years, CSC Capital has never institutionalized seminars into our traditional business development process and methodology. Further the firm to this day separates the Industry Practices Division, our professional business development division from our seminar program. Why?

First, CSC Capital is not a seminar company, and to sell our services in a subvert fashion through seminars would be deceptive. Second, the firm gains more from providing the practical “nuts and bolts” education that participants can actually use, than side-stepping the application and discussion of business solutions for fancy flow charts and lists of “do’s and don’ts, that rarely provide practical advice. And third, the firm’s seminar instructors are taken from the Client Advisory Division and it would be an internal conflict of interest to have our advisory division conduct client sales. Therefore, CSC Capital’s seminar program is an adjunct to our Client Advisory Division providing a definitive marketing service though with client solutions, without a hidden sales agenda. Though participants know how to reach us for inquiries into our client services, nobody from the firm contacts a former seminar participant in a sales pretence unless they have contacted us first. This is another reason that the firm’s seminars are such a highly desirable and rewarding experience.

Seminar Formats

CSC Capital seminars are delivered to audiences in three formats:

  1. Two or three day eventsThese are the firm’s most extensive and detailed seminars. These events are either hosted by CSC Capital or an industry association or corporation. First, they include speaker presentations broken into two or more general information sessions such as in organization, accounting and budgeting, operations, mergers and acquisitions, financing and so on. The firm has had between twenty participants to one hundred and fifty participants in these general information sessions. Second, these events also include more intimate roundtable and work-shop session topics that specifically target management solutions such as how to conduct breakeven costing, how to assess your company’s future, how to develop effective sales management tools, how to reduce financial exposure and so on. These break-out roundtable sessions typically have between three and twenty-five participants. In both the presentations and roundtables a dedicated question and answer period allows for more penetrating detail into the subject matter. Third, participants are given the opportunity to schedule business-to-business or one-on-one private meetings with the firm’s seminar instructor(s). Usually private meetings occur because there is strong interest in the firm’s services.

    These events are normally planned a year in advance, are held in destination cities at resort or up-scale hotels with convention facilities, are catered by the hotel, and includes the opportunity for leisure time activities. An informal no-charge at your leisure “get together” and “cocktail party” are held during and after the event. The planning, scheduling and coordination of these events are time consuming, the agendas are on a strict timetable, and the costs are based upon an individual and group package rate that includes lodging during the event, with a full course breakfast and lunch provided during the seminar days.

    The following introduction, advertised across the U.S., was CSC Capital’s first hosted Three-Day Event in 2004 entitled “The Art of Corporate Restructuring:”

    “Join us for an in-depth look at the steps of successfully restructuring your company with classroom presentations and roundtable workshops with the experts from CSC Capital. Learn how to turn your company into the ULTIMATE MONEY MACHINE.

    Participants will learn how to: Increase the value of your company – Produce profits much higher than industry average – Dramatically increase cash flow – Eliminate obsolete and excessive inventories forever – Price products guaranteeing profitability – Increase market share by focusing on profit center financial awareness – Empower employees through productivity based incentive plans and job enrichment – Compete with, and beat the ‘Big Boxes’ – Grow sales like the Fortune 500.”

  2. One day programsHosted by CSC Capital or our partnered seminar firm, Corporate Compliance Seminars, one day programs attempt to compress a two or three day event into a one day seminar, therefore while the agenda is more fluid a lot of material has to be covered. These programs are fast paced and very interactive with the participants as they focus specifically on one of the firm’s specialties, such as restructuring and turnaround, the successful arrangement of debt and equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, etc. While, a power point presentation is used as a backdrop for the program, it is often deviated from because the needs and wants of the audience are also used as a basis of the seminar’s agenda. A needs questionnaire is provided to participants before the seminar so that the instructor(s) can target aspects of their presentation accordingly. CSC Capital’s one day programs are used by a wide variety of business owners and top executives, as well as by professionals such as CPA’s who need to keep current on their continuing professional education requirements. Our recent webinar was conducted as a One Day Program.

    These programs are held several times a year in major cities, usually at business oriented hotels with conference facilities. The firm has also held these programs at our conference clubhouse. A continental breakfast and snack lunch are provided at a CSC Capital hosted event and the cost of these programs are calculated as a flat rate per individual for one day. After the seminar the firm provides a no-host bar for informal discussions between participants and the instructor(s). The number of participants usually ranges five to thirty. The following has introduced CSC Capital’s specific One Day Program entitled “Business Improvement: Restructuring and Turnaround” from 2009 till today:

    “The U.S. economy is in one of the deepest and severe recorded recessions in history. This recession has had major affects on most businesses bottom lines, it has exacerbated any underlying market or management problems, and it has frozen most of the credit markets once available for distressed and non-distressed companies alike.This timely, one day training seminar is for entrepreneurs, business owners, ‘C’ level executives, board members, accountants, lawyers, auditors, private financiers and commercial lenders, creditors, and those involved with corporate due diligence. This seminar will give you the step-by-step insider view of effective turnarounds. It will provide insights to reducing personal liability, surviving the emergency phase, getting a turnaround plan in place and moving back to profitability or gracefully moving on to your next opportunity. Highlights of the seminar include creating and executing a turnaround plan, financing the process through debt and equity, managing cash through the crisis, and the pros and cons of asset sales, spin offs, management buyouts and company sales. “

  3. SessionsSessions can be hosted by a trade association, a client corporation or CSC Capital when several sessions are scheduled, and usually last from an hour and a half to four hours. These are conducted in a lecture style format with a power point presentation, thus the instructor’s agenda generally follows the power point step-by-step. CSC Capital has performed many of these in several topics, but the standard presentation is entitled “Corporate Revitalization: Tools for a Competitive Advantage,” which can be found under The Firm on this website. There is normally little audience interaction with the instructor with little opportunity for a question and answer period, though after the session the firm’s instructor will discuss aspects of the presentation and answer questions with participants. The following published narrative introduced CSC Capital’s Chairman & CEO when he presented the firm’s corporate revitalization seminar at the Western Building Materials Association 100th annual convention in 2003.

    “Increased trade and commerce in the retail sector has threatened many enterprises with new, aggressive competition. While this has created opportunities for some organizations, it has caused severe financial difficulties for many others. There is an urgent need for businesses to use innovative revitalization strategies that will allow them to become more efficient, both operationally and financially.

    This seminar provides a practical ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to improving the financial condition of a distressed or troubled company, or a business wanting to increase its margins above their current levels. Corporate Revitalization: Tools For a Competitive Advantage is designed to help owners/CEO’s maximize the performance of their organizations through the use of an integrated and holistic model of organizational change. The participants will learn the skills and tools needed to strategically restructure an enterprise’s organizational and financial position, analyze and value its human assets, develop a compensation program to fit both its internal financial structure as well as industry dynamics, and alter its costing and pricing schedules in order to effectively compete.”

    Most of the time participants are not charged specifically for these seminars, though they are required to pay an overall fee to attend the convention. CSC Capital has performed more Sessions than Two or Three Day Events and One Day Programs combined; often several on various topics during one convention. Since they tend to be less industry oriented than the more intensive and personal events and programs, we are able to showcase our distinct client services to wider audiences. The number of participants can range from fifty to over two-hundred depending upon the size of the convention or corporation.


CSC Capital provides clients with several seminar topics which to choose, and within each topic the firm covers numerous areas of interest within a coherent agenda. Importantly, all topics are specifically related to our client services, therefore we only conduct seminars on areas which we are experts. The customization of seminars can be provided on related topics to suit the interests and needs of the participants. The list below of twenty speaking topics is provided as an introduction to the firm’s seminars:

“The Art of Corporate Restructuring”

The contents of this seminar is our “insider” view of designing and implementing a company-wide restructuring, inclusive of organizational restructuring, financial restructuring and debt restructuring. The focus is on the firm’s pioneering holistic approach which mirrors the organizational and financial aspects of an organization. Insider secrets provide participants with the firm’s proven methods to guarantee satisfactory results. First delivered as a three day event after twelve years in existence in 2004, this seminar is rooted in CSC Capital’s extensive real life experiences in restructurings and turnarounds. Delivery: Two or Three Day Event and One Day Program.

“Corporate Revitalization: Tools for a Competitive Advantage”

The standard bearer and first of the firm’s seminars, it was created and first presented in 1996 four years after our founding. Originally presented with an overhead projector its popularity has continued to this day. Offered in two sections participants first learn specific and practical organization and financial tools to strategically revitalize their company. In section two participants learn how to analyze and value their human and inventory assets, develop a compensation system to fit the internal financial structure, motivate a sales force, and create a breakeven costing and pricing system. Delivery: Two or Three Day Event, One Day Program, and Sessions.

Organizational Chart Development and Restructuring”

This seminar first introduced the basics of organization structure examining the various types of structures used by different industries and business models in 1996. Participants learn the value of revising organizational structure through chart development in order to effectively structure organizations for maximum human effectiveness and efficiency as well as profitability. The importance of job description development and its relationship to organizational structure is also explored. A strong focus is on customer oriented functional structures. Delivery: Sessions.

“Profit and Cost Center Alignment”

This seminar is an advanced version of the organizational chart development seminar and is typically presented as a follow-up. First presented in 1996 participants learn how to establish organizational structure around profit and cost centers, focusing on revenue generating customers, and non-revenue generating departments and divisions. The importance of aligning profit centers around market opportunities is analyzed, and the importance of correctly separating cost centers around business functions is explored. A brief overview of how critical these changes are to establishing management accountably through a reformatted financial structure is presented, though this seminar is non-financial in orientation. Delivery: Sessions.

“Organizational Behavior and Change”

Contents of this seminar include the practical methods of creating positive organizational and cultural change within dysfunctional and/or crisis oriented companies. While typically a theatrical topic in business schools, this seminar’s focus is on what actually works in real life. First presented in 2000 participants will learn proven tactics and strategies that empower company personnel to focus on the areas of greatest corporate and personal opportunities. Not to be misunderstood, these proven methods are not always a gentle and kind approach to creating corporate change. Motivation is psychological and personal and not all employees will agree with corporate changes even with those changes that they will personally benefit. Due to the nature of this seminar, discussions of structure and position descriptions, financial accountability, personnel evaluations, hiring, firing and promotions are analyzed. Delivery: One Day Program and Sessions.

“Financial Analysis and Restructuring”

Designed for CFO’s and controllers, though presented as a financial seminar for non-accounting and financial managers, this seminar first presented in 2000 is the centerpiece of a CSC Capital restructuring. It discusses first the typical financial structure found in companies, and then presents the concept of a new financial structure, which combines a product sales and cost analysis report by customer groups with a profit and loss statement, providing a total cohesive company operating statement. Additional factors such organizing direct and indirect expenses around profit and cost centers and the re-allocation of general and administrative and other overhead department expenses to profit centers are highlighted topics. Delivery: One Day Program and Sessions.

“Created Value in a Troubling Economy”

This seminar was first given in the first quarter in 2008 to a distribution and supplier buying group that provided products to retail outlets and raw materials to construction material sales companies and manufactures of products for the housing industry. 2007 was a watershed year for the economy because it became crystal clear for most middle market companies that a huge correction in the market place was beginning to take place. CSC Capital client experiences in 2007, though not surprising to the firm, echoed these concerns. The first big challenge was creating or sustaining value for companies caught in the middle of the radar of this market correction in the months and possibly years ahead. This seminar was created with these issues in mind. The seminar explores in general restructuring and turnaround, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financing, and other business strategies and tactics necessary to grow equity or sustain value and survive. Still today this is one of our most popular seminars because it specifically combines the firm’s major client services into one seminar. Delivery: Two or Three Event, and One Day Program.

“Assessing your Company’s Future: To Acquire or Sell or not to Acquire or Sell?”

The history of mergers and acquisitions is mostly a slaughter-bench of missed opportunities as well as bumbled and overly expensive ventures. To buy a company or sell your company is no doubt one if not the most important decisions a business owner or board will ever make, and they typically only make it once. CSC Capital does not sugar-coat the dangers of such transactions in this seminar, nor do we downplay the opportunities if executed correctly. This seminar focuses on the basics; the likely hood of a successfully conducted transaction, including the due diligence analysis and valuation methods used, as well as the importance of marketing in the transaction. Because the pitfalls and the opportunities are so enormous, these transactions can be the difference between eventual failure and yielding the maximum financial rewards. The firm first presented this seminar in 2000. Delivery: One Day Program.

“Budget Planning and Accountability for Management”

This seminar first presented in 1997 and one of the core CSC Capital seminars examines the importance of changing the management accounting format and thus revising a budget process to ensure that management can identify opportunities, take action and be held accountable for financial results. Participants, largely CEO’s, CFO’s, and COO’s will learn how to change their financial accounting structure to a more accurate and detailed management accounting structure, thus assisting in taking executive actions to increase market opportunities and reduce costs and expenses. Particular emphasis will be placed on the budget process itself; setting up the management team and training them in management accounting, rolling three forecasts comparing budget to actual, the number of participants in budget meetings, and the benefits of monthly, quarterly, fiscal, and flexible budgets. Delivery: One Day Program and Sessions.

“The Arrangement of debt financing in today’s Economy”

It has been stated that the world is different today than in the 1980s, 1990s and three-quarters of the 2000s. And nowhere is this more correct than in the world of debt financing. The Great Recession has changed the commercial credit markets completely and though economists are seemingly always optimistic about the future, it is CSC Capital’s belief that the core fundamentals of the U.S. and global economy are still fragile. Thus debt financing will continue to be difficult until the fundamentals of the U.S. as well as the worldwide macro-economy are gaining positive momentum. This seminar is more a wake-up call to the realities of today’s financing, than how to get a loan. Back in June 2003, the firm was quoted in Pro Sales Magazine:

‘Our firm’s experience illustrates some of the new realities of banking today…Banks are more guideline-oriented…If your ratios are out of line, they are coming down on you, and they can really tighten the screws. There are no more ‘friendly bankers like in the old days.'”

Indeed, a foreboding of events to come. Participants in this seminar, first created in 2005, will gain an understanding to the problems of arranging financing in today’s environment, though will learn practical tactics that can better secure debt financing, from international, national and regional lenders. Delivery: One Day Program and Sessions.

“Overview on Mergers and Acquisitions”

As a follow-up to our seminar “Assessing your company’s future”, since 2001 CSC Capital has provided this complete view of the mergers and acquisitions process including strategy, tactics, legal and accounting issues, valuations, deal structuring and negotiations. Participants will build a solid and practical understanding of what many claim to be one of the most confusing business topics. It does not have to be! This seminar breaks the process down in easy to understand steps. Participants will first explore the strategic and economic considerations necessary for a successful merger or acquisition, then a discussion of the organizational and financial prerequisites for attracting a buyer or seller will follow. Next the principal accounting aspects of a deal and the valuation methods that the firm uses to estimate the value of companies is explored. These include: the Liquidation Value Method, the Capitalization of Excess Earnings Method, the Multiple of Earnings Method, and the Discounted Future Earnings Method. Finally the seminar will examine the various aspects of deal structuring, and the human dynamics of negotiating a successful deal. Delivery: One Day Program.

“Compensation for Management and Sales Personnel”

Pay-for-performance compensation schemes have been around for decades, though today owners are being challenged to ensure that compensation investments are well aligned with their own financial realities. At the same time many owners want to highly motivate their workforce through innovative incentive plans. Successful companies have to learn to integrate management and sales personnel incentive schemes into their budgetary control systems, while at the same time integrate their incentive schemes into their overhead cost structure, thus ensuring pay on profits and return on assets. Since 1997 CSC Capital has presented this seminar for participants who want to learn up-to-date techniques for developing incentive compensation systems, as well as understanding the importance of measurement and evaluation processes. Delivery: Sessions.

“Effective Sales Management Tools”

This seminar answers questions such as: How can we implement effective sales tracking methods? How can we identify and focus on markets of real opportunity? What is an appropriate sales management style? How can we grow revenues? CSC Capital has presented this seminar since 2003, focusing on issues such separating outside and inside sales departments for maximum productivity and sales, the insistence of sales personnel submitting sales forecasts by product line, holding sales personnel accountable to individually forecasted sales projections and to management objectives, and the setting of meetings to establish sales objectives. Delivery: Sessions.

“Breakeven Costing and Pricing”

CSC Capital’s seminar in Breakeven Costing and Pricing was first presented as a stand-alone seminar in 2003 at an industry convention in Las Vegas, NV. Typically a complex topic it was advocated as a seminar topic by a former client who as a convention planner simply stated “there is nothing in the market that matches CSC Capital’s restructuring services.” In this seminar participants learn 1) where real profit begins, on every single product sold, 2) gross profit analysis thereby identifying changes in costs, volume, product mix, and selling prices, and 3) why a management accounting system, by profit center, will provide a clear delineation of sales, costs and expenses thereby supporting sound business decisions. Delivery: Sessions.

“Purchasing and Inventory Management”

It is common for corporate and vendor purchasing to be in too many hands, while inventory control seems to be computer not human regulated. This seminar deals with probably the most surprising mistake conducted by retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufactures; over purchasing and obsolete inventory. An analogy from the family would be like handing a checkbook to all your children. The result: higher household expenses and more stuff collected and wasted as well as less household cash flow. Participants will understand that knowledge of anticipated sales is critical as well as knowledge of present transactions. They will also learn that they should only purchase items or raw materials that will sell; that discounts never outweigh carrying coats, and that carrying high margin items for long periods reduces cash flow. Finally they will learn the advantages of centralized purchasing and inventory control. Started in 1999 this seminar is a true return on investment for participants. Delivery: Sessions.

“Employee Evaluations and Job Descriptions”

The better part of management is the motivation of subordinates. The more motivation creates more productivity. The problem is that managers rarely evaluate their biggest assets – their employees. Often the reason is organizational, procedural, and cultural; top management simply does not demand it. This seminar teaches managers to become better managers by really trying to know their subordinates, their talents and shortcomings. It does so by demonstrating to participants that a semi-annual evaluation linked to a job description created specifically for each position is a morale and productivity motivator. This seminar explores ways to implement employee evaluations that are linked to job description vis-à-vis a properly developed organizational chart. First presented in 1998, Employee Evaluations and Job Descriptions has been one of CSC Capital’s most popular seminars for human resource professionals. Delivery: Sessions.

“Understanding Private Equity”

When debt financing is not available borrowing money from a private source may be an option. Whether it is an Angel Investor, a Venture Capitalist, or a Private Equity firm, it is all private money. Instead of charging interest, these lenders charge management fees, become board members, and become an equity partner. To them, value is built by restructuring and selling, going public or going from public to private. This seminar, first provided in 2002, provides participants with a basic understanding of a somewhat complicated process. However, we will focus on the practical pro’s and con’s of private equity by first understanding the history of private equity and the marketplace today, how investments are structured and the return drivers applied. Finally, the seminar explores buyout term sheets and the control mechanisms used by private equity firms when dealing with companies that are in need of outside management assistance. Delivery: One Day Program.

“Acquisition Finance”

This seminar is really a follow-up to three seminars: “Overview of Mergers and Acquisitions,” “Understanding Private Equity,” “The Arrangement of Debt Financing in Today’s Economy,”

and focuses exclusively on the financing of acquisitions. Participants since 2007 have learned the tradeoffs between debt and equity financing, how to complete deals in difficult markets, examine the types of debt and equity financing best suited for the situation, assess a proposal for acquisition financing quickly, including owner financing, analyze deal design, understand the organizational and financial requirements for premium financing, explore cash flow and balance sheet models for structuring the deal, and understand various payment methods. Delivery: One Day Program.

“Business Improvement: Restructuring and Turnaround”

This seminar is presented in partnership with Corporate Compliance Seminars which took place in 2009 and provides participants with eight hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit. It explores the restructuring and turnaround process from not only the perspective of business owners and executives but also from those who may also advise or have an interest in distressed corporate situations, such as lawyers, CPA’s, auditors, commercial and private lenders, Boards of Directors, financiers, and mergers and acquisition specialists. Delivery: One Day Program. Key issues on the agenda are separated into six sections:

Section 1 – Introduction and Background
Common turnaround questions
Symptoms of Troubled Companies
What are the Turnaround Approaches?
What are the Turnaround Phases?

Section 2 – Emergency Phase
Is this a “Personal” or Business Crisis?
Personal Protection Steps
Gathering the Right Advisors
How to get through the next 90 days

Section 3 – Turnaround Phase
The Turnaround Plan
Family Owned Businesses
Organizational Issues
Cash and Budget Management
Dealing with the Lender
Reductions in Force
Techniques for Motivating and Retaining Employees

Section 4 – Recovery Phase
Reducing the Debt Load
Being a Leader
Techniques for making financing seem attractive
Financing the Turnaround
Increasing revenues and profits

Section 5 – The Board Approach
Business people with a Common Problem
Organizing Yourself
Commitment to Change
Why it works?

Section 6 – Going Forward
Roadmap after the Turnaround
Lessons Learned
Building Sustainability
Insider Top Ten Secrets

“Detecting Earnings Manipulations”

CSC Capital’s newest seminar was created in conjunction with the firm’s founding of its business advisory affiliate specializing in business investigations. However the roots of the firm’s business investigations go back to its founding when we discovered an accounting ill regularity that led to uncovering a multi-million dollar embezzlement. This seminar provides participants with an analytical framework and practical tools for analyzing and detecting income statement and balance sheet manipulations as well as probing deeper into other payments and expense ledgers for strange activities, and if discovered to undo their effects. In particular participants will develop skills such as in financial restructuring, understanding the accounting and purchasing issues of firms that make them the most vulnerable, management compensation, debt agreements, and compliance issues. Finally, participants will explore methods that unethically and also illegally increase stock prices in the capital markets because of insider accounting fraud. Delivery: One Day Program.

Online General Registration Form

The following form is for general inquiries only. It neither requires attendance nor payment. As such it is for general information providing CSC Capital specific interest in our seminar topics. After submitting the following form, the firm will contact you by email informing you of the schedule of seminars with dates, times, locations, payment information and terms and conditions. If you would prefer CSC Capital to provide one of our seminars, or a customized seminar, for your corporation or trade association at a location of your choosing, please indicate so in the space entitled “Other.” We will respond to your request within five business days. Questions: Please contact the firm at