The CSC Capital Corporate Restructuring difference today is synergy. It is the synergy between the firm’s business affiliates with the consistent utilization of CSC Capital’s traditional corporate restructuring services that works in unison providing the necessary ingredients and interface in today’s complex world of financial advisory. As CSC Capital’s market niche, the interaction of the firm’s business affiliates when necessary produces a total client experience far greater than the sum of their individual contributions.

The firm’s synergistic model treats our business affiliates, Summit Mergers and Acquisitions, NWX Financial Group, Compass Park Consulting Partners, and Clearwater Advisors as separate services that may be provided independently to our clients or provided in concert with CSC Capital Corporate Restructuring.

For two decades, the firm has always provided to clients as a compliment to our restructuring program; advice on mergers and acquisitions, the arrangement of debt and equity financing, traditional strategy and management consulting, and business investigative services. However, what is provided today is a distinct and specialized approach by experts in their field. This specialization of each business affiliate though evolving since the firm’s founding, was finalized in 2007, when CSC Capital’s business affiliates, except for Clearwater Advisors, as separate groups became a reality. Importantly, all client services are grounded in the firm’s knowledge in corporate restructuring.

The importance of this is because the typical mergers and acquisitions firm or financing or consulting practice does not have the expertise in corporate restructuring. And even when restructuring is a major part of a financial advisory or private equity’s group list of services, it normally takes the form of only debt restructuring, not complete organizational and financial restructuring. CSC Capital has always included debt restructuring within its total package of holistic corporate restructuring. It is this restructuring strength that separates the firm’s application of synergistic services from our competitors.